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Major Service Pack for 2.0 Subaru Impreza WRX and STI models 2001-2005


Gearbox & Diff Oil?:  
Spark Plug Choice:  

£164.99 inc. 20% VAT

If you're looking to service your 2.0L WRX or STI yourself or buying parts for a garage to carry out the work for you, then this kit is for you.  


Includes all you need, with optons for Gearbox and Differential Oils and choice of Spark Plugs


Pack include the following 

5 litres of Millers EE 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (enough for 1 full oil change)

4 NGK PFR6B Spark Plugs 

1 Genuine Subaru Black Oil Filter

1 Genuine Subaru Sump Plug Washer

1 JR Performance Air Filter

1 OE Specification Fuel Filter

1 Litre EBC Brake Fluid



Spark Plugs - for standard cars we suggest NGK PFR6B, for lightly tuned (Exhaust system and Stage 1 ECU Remap) we suggest NGK BKR7EIX, for highly tuned cars (Intercooler, Turbo, Full Exhaust system, Stage 2 Remap) we suggest NGK BKR8EIX.  This is only our suggestion and we recommend taking advice from your Tuner regarding Spark Plug choice.  


Gearbox & Differential Oil

Add this if intending on changing Gearbox and Differential Oils. 5 Litres are then added which is enough to cover both tasks.  Gear and Differential Oil shown in image.


Important - If you have a forged engine, please consult your engine builder for advice on oil choice

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Major Service Pack 2.0L Subaru Impreza WRX and STI 1993-2005
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